Zenith Royal 500 Hand Wired 7XT40 1 2 7XT40Z Z1 Electrolytic Recap Parts & Docs
Zenith Royal 500 Hand Wired 7XT40 1 2 7XT40Z Z1 Electrolytic Recap Parts & Docs
Zenith Royal 500 Hand Wired 7XT40 1 2 7XT40Z Z1 Electrolytic Recap Parts & Docs

Zenith Royal 500 Hand Wired 7XT40 1 2 7XT40Z Z1 Electrolytic Recap Parts & Docs

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You can make your radios play again even if you have never picked up a soldering iron before.
NOTE: Many Zenith Royal 500 radios look similar on the outside. They differ significantly on the inside. I sell several recap kits. Be certain that you get one with for the proper Chassis number, which you can usually find printed on a labelattached to the inside of the battery compartment cover of your Royal 500.

Coloreddots painted above the serial number can also confirm the Chassis ID. This recap kit can be used only with these chassis designs:

Chassis ID Code Dot
7XT40 Circuit 1 Black
7XT40 Circuit 2 Maroon
7XT40Z Red
7XT40Z1 Green

Visit the store for additional Zenith Royal 500 kits if your chassis is not listed here.

This Kit Contains:
  • Full color, illustrated instructions with model-specific tips
  • Step-by-step disassemblyand reassembly instructions
  • A schematic and parts location photos
  • All the necessary electrolytic capacitors
  • Beginners' soldering and desoldering tutorial

Time is taking its toll on vintage collectible transistor radios. Electrolytic capacitors are the weak links in most old transistor sets. Over the years they dry up, causing radios to play weakly, distort, or quit altogether. Old electrolytics can also severely reduce battery life.

This kit contains all the components and instructions you will need to replace the electrolytics in any the models listed above. In the process you'll get to peek inside your radio, and learn a little more about it.

Kits are available for more than 26 different radios with others on the way. Check them out in theElectrolytic Recap Kitssection of my store.CLICK HERE

What users are saying about these kits:

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I am constantly developing new products for collectors and restoration enthusiasts.
Please drop me an message describing the new recap kits and other itemsthatyou need.

The radio photo in this listing illustrates relevant model. Radio not included in this offering!The composite listing photo shows atypicalkit. You will receive instructions and parts for the radio described in the listing title. Some kits contain more pages than others. Kits contain all necessary electrolytic capacitors. Cap counts vary by radio type.These kits are designed, printed and assembled in USA. Kit may include imported parts.

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