Panasonic Matsushita DT-495 Transistor Radio Recap Kit Parts & Documents

Panasonic Matsushita DT-495 Transistor Radio Recap Kit Parts & Documents

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Electrolytic capacitors are the weak links in old transistor sets. Over the years they dry up, causing radios to play weakly, distort, or quit altogether. Old caps can also severely reduce battery life.

This is part of a series of more than 200 low-cost recap kits I offer. They contain all of the electrolytic capacitors you will need along with clean, completely-legible factory service document scans, "Most-Often-Needed" reprints or Sams Photofact information.

You can make your collectible transistor radios play again even if you have never picked up a soldering iron before.In the process you'll get to peek inside your vintage radio, and learn a little more about it.

Some kits contain more pages of documentation and more components than others. These kits are designed, printed and assembled in USA, but may include imported parts. Since many vintage capacitor values are no longer manufactured, close substitute values will be provided when necessary -- 33mf 12V for 30mf, 6V, 47mf for 50mf, and so on.

Check out both these basic kits and my enhanced kits which include more detailed step-by-step instructions. Find them all in the Electrolytic Recap Kits section of my store.


What users are saying about my recap kits:

  • Excellent transistor repair kit. Radio works like new now.
  • First time i recapped a radio. so cool! i'll be back.
  • Very Fast ! Great Re-cap Instructions ! Five Star Seller
  • Very Nice Kit & Excellent Instructions. Thank you
  • As described, only better!
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, will buy from again,10 stars++

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